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October 18, 2004



Y'all know - when you are in a commission business, these things happen. Not much you can do - besides avoiding the client and if you are so inclined - hire away his best & brightest (smile!)

When I was doing some real estate, I showed this nice house late at night. It was a urgent call, and I met the potential buyers. Showed them house and spent hours with them.

They wouldn't put an offer down and i was unable to reach them for over a week. Then going through the listings I noticed that the house I showed was now under-contract-review. And when I looked - it was MY prospects!!!!

My Broker called angry as hornets - and they wound up having their cousin make the offer. and there wasn't anything we could do it about it....

Live n learn... move on.... and tell your candidates never to give referrals in the interview process!!!! :)

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